52nd street has, for generations, been the heart of West Philadelphia. Though once a bustling retail shopping destination, a displaced middle class has resulted in a steady decrease in business operations and an increase in drugs and crime. The street is currently in a state of city-driven revitalization.

By pairing portraits of West Philadelphia residents whom I met on 52nd Street alongside street scenes, I hope to create a physical reminder of what stands to be lost. To this end, I asked each person I photographed to tell me what they think they contribute to their community. From "peace and love" to "generosity, empathy, and compassion," the answers I received demonstrate what will be lost physically, spiritually, and culturally due to gentrification efforts. 

Selections from this project went on display from March—August 2019 at 990 Spring Garden as a part of the "A Photographic Survey of Philadelphia" exhibition.