Day -01

Hey, friends! I'm not sure if any of you actually know this blog exists but, if you do, I would first like to thank you for actually reading my Facebook posts. Secondly, welcome! Today marks the beginning of my life as an all star blogger and simultaneously the start of my African adventure. Right now I'm experiencing Day -01, otherwise described as the weird limbo between my departure from America and my arrival to Ghana. This is a blog post that I wrote in the journal that a friend got me (s/o to Maggie) while I was on my plane since I did not yet have access to Wi-Fi. As I am currently sitting in the Heathrow airport killing time until my connecting flight leaves, I figured I would recreate the entry below. 


As I'm sitting here on my flight, en route to London (and then on to Accra), I'm experiencing an overwhelming feeling of "what did I get myself into?" I've been a control freak for as long as I can remember, so it seems inconceivable that I am actually about to go live in a third world country. Well, that part's not surprising... the real kicker is that I am about to live in a third world country in which I know no one, I have no idea exactly where I am living or what my access to Wi-Fi will be like, and I'm not even fully sure who is getting me from the airport (I've emailed back and forth with one man from the school I'm working at, though we've never been able to successfully video chat). It dawns on me that this must be what those idiots on Catfish feel like as they're boarding the planes to meet their mystery/don't-know-where-they-live-or-what-they-look-like boyfriends and girlfriends. 

Though I'm nervous, I know in the back of my mind that this anxiety is a feeling I would have experienced at this point in my life regardless. Even if I wasn't boarding a plane for Africa, I'd experience nerves with alternate post-undergraduate steps: interviews, a new job, a new living situation, or any number of other ways to "adult." When I think of my move in that way, I am glad to experience this wave of emotions. Why waste a panic attack on a first day at a dumb summer job at the Gap when I can save it for an opportunity like this?? 

Joking aside, I am very excited for my summer in Ghana and thrilled to take you all with me via this blog. Now I only hope I can find Wi-Fi to post this!* (*Thank you Heathrow!!)